First tape of the year 3-1-2012

Side A

2-Dr.Dog-The ABC’s

3-Ty Segall-Falling hair

4-The state siders-Patterned the same

 5-Beat the devil-Raging bull blues

6-June of 44-Does your heart beat slower

7-Black moth super rainbow-Snail garden

8-Interlude-Dr. Steve Brule

9-Gang of four-Damaged goods

10-Fantastic zoo- Light show

11-Flaming lips/lightning bolt- Working on NASA on acid

12-Brian Wilson shock treatment- Jack Kerouac I didn’t know you

13-OS mutantes-Bat macumba

14-Can- Thief

15-Brian Protheroe-Pinball <3

16-Jonna gault- I’m never gonna cry again

Side B

1-Intro-Ghost Dog

2-Mina- Bang bang 

3-Golden dawn-My time

4-Volcano choir-Cool knowledge 

5-John cale-Fear is a mans best friend


7-DNA-Taking kid to school

8-Metric-Grow up and blow away

9-Sonic youth-Sunday

10-Tones on tail-Lions

11-Bauhaus-She’s in parties 

12-Interlude-American movie

13-RZA-Killer bees till ya die

14-Binary star-Reality check

15-Beastie boys- Sample

16-Black moth super rainbow-Side 8

17-Cuby and the blizzards- Your body now your soul

To Joe 2-22-2011


2-RJD2-Two more days

3-Prince-Lady cab driver

4-Sharon jones-How do I let a good man down

5-Black keys-Too afraid to love you

6-Fleetwod Mac-The ledge

7-Paul simon- Peace like a river <3

8-T.rex-The street and babe shadow

9-Songs Ohia- Lioness

10-Morrissey-Everyday is like Sunday

11-R.E.M-Half a world away

12-Leonard Cohen-Who by fire

13-Arcade fire- The suburbs 

14-End- Random cut

Side B

1-Intro- Sugar smacks commercial 

2-Beck-Everybody’s gotta learn sometime

3-The beatles- I want you so bad

4-Interlude-Tommy Gun commercial 

5-David Bowie-rubber band

6-Jay reatard-It ain’t gonna save me



9-Black keys-I’m not the one

10-The residents-Rawliga



13-Sonic youth-Milred pierce

14-The Smiths-I don’t owe you anything

15-Tom waits- Gods away on business  

To Dusty Hill 3-16-2011

1-Intro-Looney tunes

2-Queen-Don’t stop me now

3-Interlude-Random clip

4-Hombres-Let it out

5-Mavis Staples-Down in Mississippi 

6-The action-Shadows and reflections

7-Jay reatard-Turning blue

8-The left-Reporting


10-Mary Wells-My smile is just a frown

11-Sweet-Block buster

12-Buzzcocks-Orgasm addict

13-The residents-It’s a man’s world

14-Mos Def-Sunshine

15-Mott the hoople-Roll away the stone

16-Mushroom-Early one morning

17-Chris Clark-Loves gone bad


Side B

1-Intro-Hey dude

2-Japan-Visions of China

3-Acid mother’s temple-Eat a pebble

4-Black lips-Can’t dance

5-Frank Black-If your poison gets you

6-Flower travellin band-Map

7-Chrome-You’ve been duplicated


9-Smoke-My friend Jack

10-Amon Dull II-Cerberus

11-Blank dogs-Housefly

12-Tribe called quest- Ince again

13-Rare bird-Hammerhead 

14-The travel agency-Make love

15-Bluephantom- Diodo

16-David cross-If you care

17-Fugs-Couldn’t get high

18-End- Leave it to beaver 

To Dallas AKA Duds 6-16-2011

1-Intro- Cheech N chong

2-Mike relm-Cool like dat

3-Tupac-Keep ya head up

4-J Dilla-Heroin joint

5-Radiohead-I might be wrong

6-Daniel Johnston- True love will find you in the end


8-The growlers-People don’t change

9-Guided by voices-I am a scientist

10-Tribe called quest-Ince again

11-The supremes-Stoned love

12-The dirtbombs-Natural man

13-Siouxsie and the banshees-Happy house

14-The cure-Speak my language

15-Dax riggs-See you in hell or New Orleans


Side B

1-Intro- A drunk dude leaving me a voicemail


3-Kno-Love aint

4-Wu tang-Gravel pit (remix)

5-Black lips-Veni,vidi,vici

6-Blue Cheer-Believer 

7-Flying Lotus-Melt!

8-Manu chao-Bongo bongo

9-Vitamins-The saints

10-Interlude- Another drunk phone call from a friend

11-The cure-A forest

12-Ween-Baby bitch

13-Van Morrison-Sweet thing

14-Houses- Your ghost

15-Kno-Rhythm of the rain

To Cadence 4-10-2011

Side A

1-Mumford and sons-Little lion man

2-Mary Wells-You beat me to the punch

3-Grizzly bear-Veckatimest 

4-Magnolia electric co-Little sad eyes

5-Donovan-Catch the wind

6-Sinead O connor-Just like you

7-Songs Ohia- Blue factory flame

8-Prince- The beautiful ones

9-Interlude- Bill Cosby

10-Queen- Don’t stop me now

11-Marc Bolan- Dandy in the under world

12-Bill Withers-Who is she (remix)

Side B

1-Intro-Ren and stimpy

2-Mike snow-Animal

3-Jim James-Going to Acapulco

4-Guided by voices-I am a scientist

5-Tom waits-Chocolate Jesus

6-Interlude-Peter Pan (fly)

7-Bill Callahan-Sycamore

8-Dan Averbach-Trouble weighs a ton

9-PJ harvey-Down by the water

10-Laura Marling and Johnny Flyn-The water

11-Ted Leo- Since you’ve been gone

12-Morrissey-Our Frank

13-Jay Z and Lauryn Hill-Still alive

14-Wovenhand- As I went out one morning 

Fall 11-02-2010

Side A

1-Intro-Lustful sex

2-Chromeo-Fancy foot work

3-James Brown-Make it funky

4-Ratatat- Crips


6-Sparks-Angst in my pants

7-Nancy Sinatra- Summer wine

8-Magnetic fields-I thought you were my boyfriend

9-Elastica-Line up

10-Interlude-Haleys comet

11-Analog space-Track

12-The Clash-Tommy gun

13-Siouxie and the banshees-Arabian nights

14-Sugar hill gang-Get up

Side B

1-Intro-Shel Silverstein

2-Brian jonestown-13

3-Can-Little star of Bethelaham

4-The Kinks-Drivin

5-Joe tex-The love you save me

6-Beat the devil-Raging bull blues

7-Charles Manson-I is I is I

8-Thug Life-Stay true

9-Pink floyd-Matilda monster

10-Squeeze- Take me i’m yours


12-Tv on the radio-Say you do

13-Smith- Baby it’s you

14-The anthem- Onra


Side A

1- Clark-Vengeance day

2-Aphex twin- Film

3-Radiohead-I will

4-Sonic youth-Wish fulfillment 

5-Brian Eno-Baby’s on fire

6-Gang gang dance- #5

7-Daft punk-Teachers

8-Air-Playground love


10-Kill me tomorrow-Skins getting weird

11-Dj Shadow-Mutual slump

12-Mr.Bungle-Desert search for techno alliah


14-Shellac-No suprise

Side B

1-Jefferson airplane- Today

2-Pink floyd-Jug band blues

3-Can- Dizzy dizzy

4-Panda bear-Ponytail

5-Hidden cameras- Follow these eyes

6-Elliott Smith-Rose parade

7-Blond redhead- Misery is a butterfly

8-LCD sound system- Watch the tapes

9-Liars- Always room on the broom

10-Man Man-The fog or China


12-Dead milkman- Big lizard

13-Beck- soul sucking jerk

14-NWA- Fuck tha police

Winter N Snow Mix 12-20-2009

Side A

1-Secret chiefs 3-Engagement of the sword

2-Can-Fall of another year

3-Neil Young- The painter

4-Justice-The party

5-The hidden cameras- The waning moon

6-Jimmy Edgar-Morris nightingale theme


8-Sonic youth-Radical adults lick Godhead style

9-USA- Heresey

10-Velvet underground-I found a reason

11-The sonics- Santa claus

12-Radiohead- Banana co

Side B

1-Big black- Bad penny

2-Gang gang dance- House jam

3-Amon Tobin- Verbal

4-Zach hill- Ummer

5-Coco Rosie-In my house

6-Low-Just like Christmas

7-Mountain Goats-Autocave

8-Tv on the radio- Dancing choose

9-The Dead milkman-Instant club hit

10-Does it offend you yeah? We are rock stars

11- Melvins- Goose freight train

12-Animal collective- Sippi

13-Pere Uba- Drinking wine spodyody 

Spring Mix 3-24-2009

Side A


2-Boom Bip- Girl toy

3-The action- Climbing up the walls

4-Magnetic field- You and I were young those Summer nights

5-Arto Lindsay- Lets be adult

6-Slowdive- Track 8

7-Public image- Religion 1

8-Jimmy Egar-Personal information

9-Dio YY- Dawn of the dead

10-Flaming lips-Pilot can at the queer of God

11-Lydia Lunch- mechanical flattery

12-Prefuse 73- Nino

13- Tapes N tapes-Headshock

Side B

1-Miles Davis- Rated X

2-Sly and the family stone- Hot fun in the Summer time

3-Red Krayola- Hurricane fighter plane

4-Minutemen-Life as a rehearsal


6-Animal Collective- Did you see the words

7-Beta Band- Dog got a bone

8-Radiohead- Skttrbrain (remix)

9-Nico and the fraction-Camera obscura

10-Rubies-A room without a key

11-Stephen Malkmus- I’ve hardly been